HIV AIDS Cure – Could a Second Person be Cured?


HIV Aids Cure written by Aleena Aspley, Brisbane Queensland Australia

Ms Aleena Aspley Bracken Ridge BrisbaneOn the 30th January 2019, the journal Nature published an article about a second person who is considered cured of HIV. With this in mind, this new research, is shedding light, on a way to measure what is considered an inactive form of the virus, that rests hidden in people’s cells.

This second patient, aka the “London Patient“, had a form of cancer and received a treatment involving chemotherapy to wipe out his immune system and replace it, via a stem cell transplant, with non-malignant donor cells. In both cases, the donor cells also carried an added benefit: a genetic mutation that leads to HIV immunity.


To date the London Patient has been in remission for 18 months and has since stopped taking antiretroviral drugs. This is really impressive news, and it certainly raises hopes of a cure for Aids which affects close to 37 million people from around the world.

At this time, only one single person is believed to have been cured of the HIV virus.  An American, Timothy Ray Brown, aka the Berlin Patient,” had HIV for more than a decade, until two stem cell transplants in 2007 and 2008 cleared it from his body.



Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has cautioned the results of the new study and says “We really need to wait longer to see if this really is the second ‘cure.’”

With this in mind, many doctors can’t agree on what an HIV cure means?  Some experts are touting that The London Patient is “cured” in interviews. For now, the study offers a glimmer of hope that new approaches to treating HIV may be effective.


HIV AIDS CureAs I write this article, it is estimated that HIV has killed around 35 million people. Researchers have also made remarkable progress, against the virus, by having people tested and diagnosed quickly, while also uncovering effective treatments that allow those with HIV to live long, relatively healthy lives.

While doctors and scientists have been researching a cure for HIV, the public health system has also raised awareness about prevention, reminding people to practice safe sex with condoms and get tested, and that early HIV treatment can save lives.



Ms Aleena Aspley Brisbane Australia


An article written by Aleena Aspley on 6th March 2019

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia




Health Benefits Turmeric

Health Benefits Turmeric written by Kathy Smith published by Aleena Aspley

 by Kathie Smith – 18 March 2016

Turmeric Plant BenefitsI have decided to write down my story of how wheat affected my health. I feel my message can benefit others who have arthritis. Here is my story about how wheat made my life unbearable!


At the age of 17 I was living with my parents in Ballarat, Victoria and I was attending a commercial college at the time.  On several occasions I awoke in the middle of the night and wanted to turn over, however when I tried to lift my left arm, I had a sharp pain in my shoulder and it felt like there was a big metal hook sticking into my shoulder.  It was painful, but I had to free up my shoulder, so that I could move my arm freely.

Health Benefits TumericMy father thought that it was rheumatism, and said that I had uncovered my shoulder during the cold night, however, I knew that that was not the case.  I was always conscious when I awoke and on the cold winter nights I would have the doona up over my ears all through the night.

Health Benefits Turmeric


Gluten IntolleranceMy mother was a wonderful cook and baked the most amazing cakes and slices every Sunday.  We would feast on these delights when they were freshly baked and there was always plenty left to enjoy some each day as well.

For breakfast I would usually eat two slices of toast and for lunch, another 2 slices of bread.  I arrived home before 4.00 pm and I’d usually be very hungry so I would either have a piece of cake or a sandwich.  Occasionally we would have a pasta meal and often after dinner, a piece of cake as well.  When you examine my diet at the time, you will see that I had a huge amount of wheat, but I never dreamed that wheat was what was causing the arthritis in my shoulder this early in life.



A couple of years later I left home the joined the Air Force and my diet radically changed.  I no longer had toast, but a cooked breakfast.  Lunch was also a cooked meal and the same at dinner time.  Occasionally I would have a dessert which contained cake, but not every day.  From then on, wheat was infrequent in my diet for several years.


When I was 32 years of age, my in-laws visited for a two week holiday and to keep food costs down, we were eating quite a bit of bread and wheat meals.  I was now living in Cairns and it was the middle of summer, but again the pain in my shoulder flared up, the same as it had when I was 17.  I managed to figure out the cause, which was the extra wheat in my diet.  I decided to cut right back on my wheat consumption and kept a strict eye on how much I allowed myself daily.  My pain went away then for many years while I was minimizing my wheat intake.


In my late 50s, I decided to do some yummy (wheat) baking for Christmas.  My partner was not inclined to eat many sweet things and I discovered that my five year old son wasn’t much of a sweet tooth either, and I ended up eating most of it.

At first, I noticed that my fingers were getting stiff and within a few days my wrists and knees were stiffening up and then to my horror I awoke one night to turn over and could not believe what an effort it was to turn over!

Health Benefits Turmeric


My spine had become very stiff.  Before I did this baking, I had been going for daily walks with a friend who lived close by.  My house was at the bottom of a very steep hill, and at first I could only walk halfway up the hill, and I’d have to stop to regain my breath.  However after a few weeks, I was able to get to the top without stopping.  But when I got stuck into the Christmas slices, I found that again it was taking away my breath and I was needing to stop halfway up the hill.

That was a real wake-up call for me.  I realized that it was from eating the wheat and I again cut right back to minimal amounts of wheat.  My stiffness went and I was back to normal in a few weeks.


At the age of 62, I developed arthritis firstly in my shoulders, then my hips and knees.  It progressed really quickly and after sitting for only a few minutes, it would be a real effort to stand up because I was so stiff.

Man in painMy knees were the worst affected by the arthritis and I was having to put a pillow between my knees, whenever I lay on my side. I had been unable to squat as my arthritis had affected my knees. At this stage I would never bend at the knees and to compensate, I would bend from the hips to reach down low.

My shoulders would make a dreadful clicking noise whenever I moved them in a circular motion.  Then, I could be walking along and suddenly my knee would dislocate and I would be in instant agony.

I then realized that I had to completely give up wheat as I knew that was what was causing the arthritis.



I had just started work as a disabled carer, so I started taking Ibuprofen tablets to help with the pain and stiffness until I was able to deal with it naturally.  My hobby since I was 21 years of age had always been learning anything and everything about natural health, vitamins, etc.  It was then that I came across an article about how turmeric can successfully help arthritis.


Turmeric is very bitter and I couldn’t stand to take a decent quantity of it, even mixed  with other foods.  I bought some turmeric capsules from the health shop, but the store package capsules were so expensive. I decided to send away for empty capsules, I then bought loose organic turmeric from the market and made up my own capsules.  I took two capsules each morning and night and have been taking them ever since.


It took approximately 15 months before my arthritis symptoms healed and completely disappeared. I am now able to run up a series of steps with no knee weakness or pain whatsoever! I no longer have to sleep with a pillow between my knees, for support, and I no longer suffer any stiffness or disability from arthritis.


To avoid wheat, you need to check the labels on every food that comes in a packet, as even very small amounts of wheat can hamper the progress of your recovery from arthritis.

During my recovery, I ate only gluten-free bread, pasta, pizza, biscuits and cake.

If I relapsed and cheated, a couple of times during my recovery, by eating wheat cake or a couple of wheat biscuits, I would very quickly feel the effect and my fingers would start stiffening again!

I stayed away from wheat for a good two years! Every now and then, I allow myself the occasional wheat treat if I’m eating out or visiting, however, wheat is not a regular staple in my diet any longer.


Turmeric PlantI will continue to take 4 turmeric capsules for the rest of my life. Turmeric is an amazing super food, with incredible health benefits.  I believe that turmeric played a very important role in curing my arthritis. I have now been free of arthritis for 18 months and it is so wonderful to feel normal again!

I thank God for guiding me to avoid wheat in my diet and to cure my arthritis with organic turmeric.

by Kathie Smith – 18 March 2016

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PEYRONIE’S DISEASE and Organic Caster Oil


Hi Aleena,   (Query Email on 28/11/12)

Please I need some urgent information, and help I have a gentleman coming to see me tomorrow morning with Peyronie’s disease.  His doctors are saying it is incurable so he is quite distressed.  Please help me with massage techniques, or if you have any information on it I would appreciate it.  Do you have any information that can help?

Cheers Pauline


Hello Pauline,   (Reply Email on 28/11/12)

Peyronie’s disease is like arthritis of the penis and/or a scarring of the penis.  My recommendation is applying Organic Caster Oil, which will slowly break down the curvature scarring and dissolve the penile plaque.

Peyronies Disease and Organic Caster Oil        Peyronie's Disease hourglass deformity in lower one-third        Peyronie's Disease downward penile curvature - unusual

APPLICATION: I suggest to my male clients, with Peyronies disease, to massage organic caster into their penis for at least 10 minutes each day, (morning and night) for three months.

In the evening, I would suggest that your client leaves the caster oil, on his penis, to soak into the scar tissue as he sleeps. During the night the Organic Caster Oil will continue to be absorbed. It is best to advise him, to wear a pair of old underwear to bed, because caster oil will stain the bed sheets.

I would also suggest, that your client uses his organic caster oil, as lubrication, when he masturbates. The heat and friction from masturbating with organic caster oil, would further assist with breaking down his penile Peyronie’s disease scar tissue / plaque and assist better absorption.

Peyronie's DiseaseOrganic Caster Oil is very efficient at breaking down scar tissue.  The caster oil will break down the scar tissue very quickly, however, the body will try to re-heal the penis with more scar tissue.

It takes roughly 45 days, for the organic caster oil to out-run the body’s biological desire to re-heal with more scar tissue / plaque.

After the body has given up, trying to re-heal with more scar tissue, then your client should keep applying organic caster oil, morning and night, until the plaque that causes the Peyronies penis curvature is dissolved.

I would recommend that the gentleman use Organic Caster Oil to masturbate with as maintenance for the rest of his life.

I have had the most amazing success using organic caster oil – See below;

Pauline, do please let me know how you go with this gentleman.

PS:  You can email me anytime you would like to ask a question.

Aleena Aspley



Hi Aleena,  (Session about Peyronie’s Disease Email on 28/11/12)

I just wanted to touch base with you after my session today.

My gentlemen had a great session.  I took all your advice and added some of my intuitive healing into the equation and still had 5 minutes to spare.  Mr X had a tantric orgasm with my nurturing mindful touch and he was amazed since he hadn’t been able to orgasm in years.  He also told me that he wasn’t able to ejaculate, he didn’t ever masturbate or even look at porn ever.

He had a definite bend to the penis when it became erect, and it certainly straightened with massage and organic castor oil.  I took your advice and turned him over and placed him well lubed with organic caster oil onto a hot water bottle and then gave him a thorough back and butt massage, which is when I did some Quantum touch and Reiki on him.  I also manipulated pressure points in his feet and legs.

In the second half of his session, while he layed on his back, I fanned him down with a chinese fan and then began the massage again with some prostate stimulation.  I gave him the okay to enjoy his genitals being touched, which is a huge issue for him.  He was a good breather and he really got into it and was able to have a full body tingling experience.  He even claimed to me that his lips were tingling, and then his whole body.  I wrapped him up in a blanket and held the space for him until he was able to come back into his body.  He was very thankful.  As I am to you.  Thank you once again for your support.


Cheers Pauline, 

Athenree, Bay of Plenty, North Island, New Zealand


Mobile (New Zealand): 021 025 12226



Well done Pauline!

I was inspired and impressed by your session structure and healing focus on Mr X!

I am sure your gentleman client thoroughly enjoyed his experience in your knowledgeable healing hands.



North Brisbane, Australia


Male Menopause Symptoms by Dr Cindy Pan

BY edical Expert

Male Menopause Symptoms

The term andropause is used to refer to the age-related decline in testosterone experienced by men and the associated symptoms thought to be related to lack of androgens, such as lowered libido, diminished sense of well-being, energy, strength and endurance, decreased muscle and bone mass and osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, irritability (“grumpy old man syndrome”), insomnia, memory impairment and cognitive decline.

There is debate as to whether andropause, also known as “male menopause”, actually exists as a condition as well as whether or not the use of testosterone replacement therapy is appropriate. While it is accepted that free testosterone levels do decline with age at a rate of approximately one per cent a year after age 40, the causal relationship between testosterone levels and andropause-type symptoms has not been firmly established. Many of the symptoms may have multiple underlying causes and, while treatment with testosterone does help some men with some symptoms, there are risks and potential problems.

Further research into the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy for older men with andropause-like symptoms is being conducted, but at this stage there is no definitive evidence for its use other than in established cases of androgen deficiency. It is worth consulting your doctor regarding any symptoms you may be suffering so that your doctor can investigate whether the symptoms are indeed caused by male hormone deficiency or perhaps by some other hormone deficiencies, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, smoking, hypertension, prescription and non-prescription medications, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor circulation or psychological problems, such as midlife depression.

Your doctor can perform a full assessment, including hormonal assays, assessment of cardiac function, lipid profile, liver function and your prostate, and on this basis recommend measures to improve your condition. These may include lifestyle advice regarding diet, exercise, sleep, smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption, stress management and possibly a trial of testosterone replacement therapy.

Male Menopause Symptoms

For a naturopath’s thoughts on this topic, check out a Naturopath’s views on male menopause by naturopathy expert Leah Hechtman 

Dr Cindy Pan has had over 10 years of clinical practice experience. Her books include Pandora’s Box: Lifting The Lid On Life’s Little Nasties (HarperCollins) and Playing Hard To Get (HarperCollins). She appears on television, lectures and speaks about all aspects of health, relationships and wellbeing.

Got a question for Dr Cindy Pan? Ask her here.

Find out more about Dr Cindy Pan

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