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Tantric Massage California

Tantric Massage California  Seraphina Lalitha is a skilled somatic healing practitioner.


Tantric Massage CaliforniaI am a skilled, experienced somatic healing arts practitioner. I offer Sacred Intimacy coaching and Ecstatic Tantric Bodywork as a means for deep and profound sensory revitalization.

Creative!  Unique!  Inspired!

If you are looking for a woman with a high quality presentation, integrity, sensuality, you are in the right place. Here you will find a playful and sexy creative muse by nature.

Bringing vitality to your blessed body, sensory revitalization enlivens you through touch for transformation.

Gentle stretching, twisting, rhythmic pressure and walking on the back.  All bodywork is done on a padded mat on the floor, in the traditional style of Thai medical massage and barefoot shiatsu.

Receive deep structural realignment, resulting in the ease of improved posture and enhanced flexibility. You will relax in the confident care of a skilled, experienced practitioner and teacher, with 10 years as a full-time bodywork therapy practitioner of the Asian somatic healing arts.

Enjoy my serene and well-appointed, comfortable treatment spaces.  I have two locations to serve you.  My healing arts space is in Santa Cruz, and I have a private studio in Silicon Valley.

Come and enjoy my delightful company and my memorable strokes in my soothing apartment. A peaceful and cozy mood, intimate and sensual will make us leave the ground for an unmatched playful adventure. I would be delighted to accompany you in luxurious interludes, be it private intimate afternoons or long moments of complete relaxation.

My commitment to the soul’s journey defines me as a holistic practitioner and personal companion. I understand that the exterior appearance is the housing not just for  beauty but also the soul, and we each deserve the very best treatment. I am reserved for the most selective and refined gentleman. I can’t wait to meet you and make this moment a unique burst of pleasure with everything a man could desire. I am sure these pure moments of intimacy will remain some of your best memories. Together, we will proceed directly to an exciting adventure.

I am currently a Tantra teacher-in-training. My previous training includes Sacred Intimacy for professionals with The Body Electric School, Tantra for women with The Body Electric, many years of yoga philosophy, Sutra study, teacher training and practice with teachers in Maui and Venice Beach as well as in  Ojai, California. I am an acupressurist and certified to teach barefoot shiatsu, having enjoyed over a decade of private practice. I also incorporate elements of Thai medical massage, which includes assisted stretching  to enhance your postural alignment and flexibility, so that we can get the energy moving through your chakras in a balanced way. I integrate modalities such as Chinese five element theory in order to apply the principles of energy balance throughout the meridian system. Oh, and I can always add a bit of acupressure face, hand or foot reflexology to smooth out the currents in preparation to go deeper into the journey of sensory revitalization. If you want to stand taller, step lighter, and feel more ease in your body, this will work to bring that smile to your face that lasts! In my years of experience I have seen that this is truly transformational holistic bodywork.


Tantric Massage CaliforniaCONTACT ME:

Ms. Seraphina Lalitha
Certified Tantra Educator / Source Tantra
Santa Cruz & Silicon Valley, California




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Tantric Massage California