Men Sensitive Love Women

Men are More Sensitive to love than women — The masculine seeks relationships not solely for security but to amplify their purpose, intuitively understanding that part of their journey involves being profoundly moved by feminine love.

Men Sensitive Love Women





Masculine individuals are drawn to relationships for reasons that extend far beyond mere security.

Their pursuit of intimate connections is intricately woven with a profound sense of purpose, a driving force that propels them forward on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Within the realm of this purpose, there lies an innate recognition that the embrace of feminine love holds the power to ignite a transformational process – one that has the potential to unleash dormant potentials and catalyze a deeper understanding of themselves.

In the realm of spiritual philosophy, such as Kabbalah, a sacred connection is highlighted between the masculine’s purpose and the presence of a soul-mate partner. This connection is seen as an integral part of fulfilling one’s truest destiny.

The masculine psyche resonates with a resonant chord that resonates with the profound desire to infuse joy, contentment, and fulfillment into the life of their beloved counterpart. This desire becomes a cornerstone, shaping the foundation of their actions and interactions.

The words of Aristotle Onassis reverberate through time, encapsulating a universal truth – the intrinsic value of the feminine presence. Beyond material possessions and wealth, the essence of women infuses life with meaning and richness.

Visualize a world without the vibrant tapestry of women’s energy and influence. The grandeur of palaces and the allure of luxurious cars would be hollow echoes in an empty chamber. The inspiration to rise each day and contribute one’s unique gifts to the world gains its vitality from the profound partnership between the masculine and feminine energies.

The Feminine, in its purest form, radiates an ethereal light that penetrates the darkness, illuminating the path of existence. This light symbolizes hope, creativity, and a boundless wellspring of compassion.

It is an essence that nurtures growth, fostering an environment where potential can flourish and dreams can take root. A symphony of emotions, experiences, and aspirations finds its harmony within the embrace of the Feminine, creating a vibrant tapestry that paints the canvas of life with diverse hues.

Consider the timeless melodies that echo through history – like Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do, I Do It For You.” This song transcends time, resonating as a testament to the intrinsic connection between masculine endeavors and the desire to elevate and nurture the Feminine. Its universal appeal underscores the deep wellspring of emotion that drives the masculine heart to create, protect, and cherish.

Within the core of the masculine, a profound truth pulses: the intricate interplay of love, vulnerability, and commitment. When love unfurls its wings, the masculine willingly surrenders to a realm that transcends the ordinary. It is a realm where emotions run deep, and the stakes are immeasurable. Love becomes the driving force that propels them into uncharted territories, where the boundary between self and the beloved becomes beautifully blurred.

The delicate dance between the masculine and feminine is an art form that requires reverence, awareness, and understanding. It calls for the Feminine to step into her divine role, embracing her inherent power as a goddess.

The decision to enter a relationship should be an embodiment of authentic intent, a commitment to serve and uplift the masculine and his purpose. This choice heralds the dawn of a transformative union, where energies intertwine to create a symphony of love, creativity, and cosmic ecstasy.

Men Sensitive Love WomenThe Feminine possesses a profound ability to hold space for the masculine’s journey, allowing him to delve into realms of vulnerability and divinity. Through the embrace of the Feminine, the masculine is invited to explore the deepest recesses of his soul, confronting his essence with an intensity that transcends the ordinary.

It is a journey that offers the promise of enlightenment, self-discovery, and growth – a journey that demands trust, surrender, and a willingness to be enveloped by the boundless ocean of love.

In the tapestry of intimate connection, the dance between the masculine and feminine becomes a vivid expression of cosmic harmony. Each step, each gesture, becomes a brushstroke in a masterpiece that tells the story of devotion, authenticity, and profound intimacy.

The journey calls for both partners to be attentive, responsive, and fully engaged in the present moment – a moment that becomes a canvas where emotions are painted with the brush of connection, vulnerability, and shared purpose.

Sexual ecstasy, a manifestation of the divine union between the masculine and feminine, is a reflection of the boundless depths of love. It is a cosmic symphony of sensations that transcends the physical realm, inviting partners to explore a realm of intimacy that is both profound and transformative. The union between the masculine and feminine becomes a sacred dance, a reflection of the interconnectedness of all existence.

In essence, the dance of love between the masculine and feminine is a symphony of energies that resonates with the rhythms of creation. It is a journey that calls for reverence, authenticity, and a deep commitment to mutual growth.

Through this dance, the masculine and feminine become catalysts for each other’s evolution, guiding each other towards a state of higher consciousness and understanding. It is a dance that reflects the beauty of the human experience – a dance that celebrates the profound interconnectedness of all life.

Men Sensitive Love Women


Men Sensitive Love WomenWritten on August 9th, 2013 by Aleena Aspley, who is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.

Aleena is open to seeing people of all genders and sexual orientations. Her Somatic Sexology & Intimacy Coaching NEO Tantric bodywork studio is located in North Brisbane, Queensland Australia.






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Men Are More Sensitive To Love Than Women