Male Menopause Symptoms by Dr Cindy Pan

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Male Menopause Symptoms

The term andropause is used to refer to the age-related decline in testosterone experienced by men and the associated symptoms thought to be related to lack of androgens, such as lowered libido, diminished sense of well-being, energy, strength and endurance, decreased muscle and bone mass and osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, irritability (“grumpy old man syndrome”), insomnia, memory impairment and cognitive decline.

There is debate as to whether andropause, also known as “male menopause”, actually exists as a condition as well as whether or not the use of testosterone replacement therapy is appropriate. While it is accepted that free testosterone levels do decline with age at a rate of approximately one per cent a year after age 40, the causal relationship between testosterone levels and andropause-type symptoms has not been firmly established. Many of the symptoms may have multiple underlying causes and, while treatment with testosterone does help some men with some symptoms, there are risks and potential problems.

Further research into the risks and benefits of testosterone therapy for older men with andropause-like symptoms is being conducted, but at this stage there is no definitive evidence for its use other than in established cases of androgen deficiency. It is worth consulting your doctor regarding any symptoms you may be suffering so that your doctor can investigate whether the symptoms are indeed caused by male hormone deficiency or perhaps by some other hormone deficiencies, excessive alcohol consumption, obesity, smoking, hypertension, prescription and non-prescription medications, poor diet, lack of exercise, poor circulation or psychological problems, such as midlife depression.

Your doctor can perform a full assessment, including hormonal assays, assessment of cardiac function, lipid profile, liver function and your prostate, and on this basis recommend measures to improve your condition. These may include lifestyle advice regarding diet, exercise, sleep, smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption, stress management and possibly a trial of testosterone replacement therapy.

Male Menopause Symptoms

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