Congratulations Aleena, excellent job this morning – no adverse reactions thus far. Thanks again for looking after the old fella so well. Particular thanks for all your extra attention, and maintaining your professional approach. Also be assured, that I did hear the various suggestions you were throwing out about full body orgasm — we can work on those next session, now we seem to have had success. Goodnight and thanks from Ross 22nd March 2016 🙂


Hi Aleena. Please excuse me for contacting you at night……but I have to thank you for the personal extra time you spent with me yesterday, and as a result I tried out the castor oil and the penis pump tonight. …..with a wonderful result! ! I haven’t experienced a result like that, for many years!!

I was so happy….I even took a pic! 🙂

I am waiting for the mineral tablets, which should arrive tomorrow! Take Care…..and thank you so much. Ray, 22nd March 2016


Hello Aleena, I spoke to you last week (7/10/13) about my difficulties reaching orgasm and the fact that I didn’t feel any pleasure when I ejaculated.

During the phone call, we talked about my love of porn and the reason why watching porn is causing me serious sexual problems.

After our phone conversation, I decided to go cold turkey and watch no porn at all. It was actually really hard!

Fast forward one week, and I can already see results.  My erection is harder, with more blood flow and sensitivity.  I will keep in touch with my future results.  Thanks again Frank


Thank you Aleena for your advice on my problem of my swollen left testical.  When I was 15 I got hit by a cricket ball to the left testicle and my balls got twisted which resulted in an operation which caused scarring on my scrotum.

Periodically, since my teen years, I have experienced occasional pain but in the last couple of years my left testicle swells up and becomes very painful.  It can be difficult to walk because of the pain.  It is also painful when I lift heavy objects.  I have seen my doctor about this problem, however, I read your website and decided to ring you and discuss my problem.

Since talking to you in early August I have been applying caster oil to my scrotum and massaging it in each night before I go to bed.  Three weeks down the track my pain has subsided and it is much easier to walk freely and move.

I would recommend giving Aleena a call to discuss any problems of this nature. Jason


I had a 90 minute beginner session with Aleena just recently.  I went in with some hesitation as the concepts seemed a little foreign to me and I was not sure what results I would get.  Her kind and reassuring demeanor quickly abated my hesitations and she completely explained everything, from the goal, to how she planned to achieve it and what I would be doing.

Throughout the session she coached me continually and made me feel relaxed with the entire thing and the say the results were astounding would only serve to inadequately describe what I experienced.  I didn’t know the levels of pleasure I experienced were even possible, especially for a male.

I thoroughly look forward to booking more sessions with growing intensity as to completely explore the potential this has to offer.  To any skeptic or nay sayer, I bid you, give this a try and go in with an open mind and just give it a go, you will not regret it for a second.

Thank again Aleena and I look forward to another session with you! Bob


Amazing, awesome and totally different – never been there before!  I felt tingling everywhere.  My whole body was alive with sensation and feeling.  I had a 5 minute plus full-body orgasm.  

Now I know what female multiple orgasm feels like!  Tyson


Best experience I have had in 10 years or even ever!  Sensational!  When you’re young, you can have very powerful orgasms, however, the orgasm I experienced today was like being young again.  Rob 50’s


A huge thank you for a fantastic evening of pure pleasure of the mind and body and taking to new heights of pleasure I never thought possible.  You are a fantastic lady with a marvellous talent for taking people to new realms of heighten sensual pleasures.  The pure passion and energy you devote to your job is second to none and should be rewarded!

Aleena, you have set a new standard of pleasure for what is possible to be taken to. I will highly recommend you to everyone and I look forward to a return visit. Mike


Wow, wow, wow, wow what a fantastic experience I had at the hands of Aleena Aspley. I never knew I was or could be multi-orgasmic until yesterday. Not only was it fantastic to discover what the women …have been enjoying for so long in multi-orgasms but it was mind blowing to have those sensations and all in the first session.

I would recommend anyone to see Aleena even if you don’t have any problems with your sexual health. You will leave feeling like a new man and at my age that’s some thing I thought was long gone. Clive